Electronic Payments for Independent Schools

For years, Independent Schools have been looking for ways to streamline their typically small business offices in order to become more efficient.  Schools have looked at electronic formats for payroll, student billing, enrollments, and other labor and paper intensive processes.  However, most schools have not looked at the easiest way to transform their business office—electronic payments.

During a recent National Business Officer’s Association (@NBOAnet) webinar, 61% of attendees stated that they are still processing most of their payments by check and only some with electronic payments (ACH and P-card).  This time-consuming process exposes schools to fraud is the most expensive form of payment and it is dragging down the efficiency in business offices at schools.  There is no better time than now for Independent Schools to make this small procedural change to an electronic platform. Most importantly, an electronic payments will eliminate fraud exposure, get rid of costly checks, and save the business office staff 100’s of hours annually—allowing them to focus on more critical objectives.

Through Paymerang’s work with the NBOA and other state/regional associations, we have been able—through a simple, straight-line process—to help schools move to an electronic format. Collegiate School, in Richmond, VA, has been able to decrease the number of checks written in house by at least 75%, gain valuable hours back to the business office, and find a new revenue stream for instructional programs for the students. Woodberry Forest, an all boarding school in Virginia, has also seen the efficiency gains.

“We have added a revenue stream while becoming more automated and efficient.”

Jenn Quindoza, Collegiate’s Controller and Risk Manager

“Paymerang is far superior to any competing solution we reviewed in terms of the amount of work we eliminated, the quality of service, and rebates.”

Jennifer Brill, Woodberry’s Director of Accounts Payable

Over the next several weeks, Paymerang will be working to spread this message to more Independent Schools.  First, we will be sponsoring and attending the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) Business Officers Institute on April 12-13th in Warrenton, VA at the Airlie Conference Center.  On May 1st and 2nd, Paymerang will be meeting with Independent Schools at the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) Finance Officers Conference in Hamburg, NJ at the Crystal Springs Resort.  Both events are great opportunities for schools to learn more about Paymerang and our impact on Independent Schools. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak to fellow peers and current Paymerang clients about how they use our platform to do more with less in a secure environment.

To learn more about Paymerang and the work we do with Independent Schools, please contact John Zaudtke, Vice President Business Development at 804-592-7025 or by email at [email protected].


As Vice President of Business Development, John is responsible for Paymerang's Independent School and Banking Channels. John works with various state and national associations to spread the Paymerang story to schools and banking institutions through partnerships, webinars, and referrals. John has spent the last 6 years in the payments industry gaining valuable knowledge and providing thought leadership.