CFO Leadership Council hosted Paymerang and Visa for a collaborative presentation. During the presentation our panel of payments and risk management experts discussed the growing threat of payment fraud risk and how to protect your organization.

Payment fraud risk is a very real threat to your organization. One slip-up in processing an ACH or wire transfer could cost you millions of dollars and result in significant embarrassment for your finance team. Paymerang and Visa teamed up for an interactive session to share four ways you can build a resilient organization, ready to handle the growing threats in 2019.

Our panel of payments and risk managment experts shared information about the latest scams and some practical ways to prevent them.

Learning Objectives:

o Uncover the key threats of payment fraud that you face today

o Learn about the four layers of protection available to you against payment fraud

o Identify the practical steps you can implement right away to protect your organization from payment fraud

o Discover the efficiency and security gains of implementing a comprehensive ePayable solution


To view the presentation click here. 


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As Vice President at Paymerang, Eric maintains partnerships with various state and national associations to reach audiences through webinars, conferences and referrals. For over 5 years, he has helped clients streamline vendor disbursements, eliminate fraud and earn millions of dollars through their AP departments.