Paymerang Discusses Cyber Security

From its inception, Paymerang has helped our clients fight fraud and protect their organization’s treasury. That’s why we are proud to partner with the Virginia Association of State Superintendents (VASS), the Virginia Association of School Business Officers (VASBO), and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to help Virginia’s public schools learn how they can protect their … Read More

5 Ways FinTechs are Better Than Banks for Payment Automation

Why choose a FinTech over a bank? After years of false starts, businesses are migrating away from paper check payments to suppliers. Businesses now make less than half of their supplier payments via checks, per the Institute of Finance and Management’s (IOFM) 2018 Future of Accounts Payable Survey. What’s more, three years from now, businesses … Read More

Best Practices in Test Data Provisioning for Automated Testing

In part one of this series, we covered the importance of automated testing in the FinTech space. In this segment, we highlight best practices in test data provisioning, an essential component of successful automated testing. To meet the demands of business growth and customer satisfaction, technology teams are adopting Agile and DevOps methods to keep … Read More

Accelerating the Pace of Software Development Through Automated Testing

FinTech Innovators Need to Modernize Their Software Development Rapid changes in the payments industry are requiring FinTech innovators to modernize software development processes in order to deliver more efficient and secure means of payments for buyers and suppliers. This places severe demands on software organizations to expand both the volume and quality of product delivered. … Read More

An AP Pro’s Guide to Convincing Suppliers to Adopt Electronic Payments

Businesses cite lots of reasons for continuing to pay suppliers with paper checks … … Inadequate resources to manage the transition … Lack of senior management support or mandate … Competing priorities … Fear of change But one of the biggest things keeping businesses from migrating to electronic payments is the misperception that their suppliers … Read More

Shifting Your Organization to a Growth Mindset

You may have heard the term “growth mindset” used in the workplace in recent years. While the concept itself is not a new idea, there has been a resurgence of the phrase as it applies to modern organizational cultures. The payments industry is evolving rapidly today, with a growing set of electronic payment options that … Read More

Richmond Inno Article

How Richmond’s Paymerang Found Success Digitizing B2B Payments For many businesses, the work involved in handling supplier payments can be exasperating. Every invoice needs to be recorded, approved, paid and then reconciled, and management of that system can consume hundreds of hours of employee time annually. Nasser Chanda, CEO of Richmond-based fintech company Paymerang, believes … Read More

Paymerang CEO featured in SmartPros CFO education segment on finance automation

Paymerang CEO, Nasser Chanda, appeared in Financial Management Network‘s continuing education series to discuss the benefits of accounts payable and accounts receivable automation for enterprises. Click here to view the video. Financial Management Network is a professional education service of SmartPros, a Kaplan company. They deliver accredited continuing education programs and professional development training to meet state … Read More

Too busy to launch an ePayments program?

Too busy to launch an ePayments program? “We are too busy right now to implement an ePayment program.” This is what we sometimes hear from prospective clients considering Paymerang’s solution. We understand that your time is very valuable. That’s why we created one of the simplest implementation processes in the industry—launching in less than 30 … Read More

Don’t Settle for a Fractional Bank ePayment Solution

The world of electronic supplier payments is growing rapidly. Companies are making the transition to eliminate check writing and move to secure electronic payment (ePayment) platforms. The time savings, fraud prevention, and cost savings have already convinced many companies to outsource their accounts payable disbursements. Traditionally, banks have been the trusted adviser in this new world, but … Read More