How to Build a Threat Hunter Mentality

One Hundred and Ninety-Seven. That’s the average number of days an advanced persistent threat, known as an APT, can dwell without being detected inside a network—according to the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute. That is a six-month period in which a very quiet threat, using sophisticated tactics, is actively exploring the network and most likely offloading sensitive data before it’s noticed, not even counting the days, weeks, months needed to then respond and recover from its foothold.  Data breaches can cause devastating financial … Read More

Paymerang and Kaplan Partner to Tackle Payment Fraud

How can you protect your organization against payment fraud risk? Paymerang has partnered with Kaplan, one of the world’s largest and most diverse education providers, to share more about the risk of payment fraud. In a jointly produced video, Paymerang CEO, Nasser Chanda, addresses the risk of payment fraud and what organizations can do to shield their … Read More

5 Ways Electronic Payments Improve the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

If your healthcare organization’s knees are buckling from the pressure of managing shrinking reimbursement rates, skyrocketing costs, and growing cyber security threats, you are not alone.  Hospital and health system CFOs and revenue cycle leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to develop strategies to improve the financial health of their organizations—and his won’t change in 2020. … Read More

Is Your Business at Risk for Check Fraud?

How businesses can protect against fraudulent check scams by using Positive Pay. With all the recent press regarding rising ACH payment fraud, it is easy to forget that check fraud remains a significant threat to businesses. What is check fraud? According to the National Check Fraud Center check fraud includes forgery, counterfeiting and altering, paperhanging … Read More

Balancing Quality and Speed in World-Class Operations

Today there is pressure for companies to deliver outstanding products and exceptional customer experiences. To achieve this, companies need to focus not only on efficiency and effectiveness, but also foster a culture of continuous improvement. When I first took over leading a large contact center training organization, I was surprised to find that speed in … Read More

Paymerang is proud to partner with VASS, VASBO, and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to address cyber security with Virginia School Superintendents and Business Officers 

From its inception, Paymerang has helped our clients fight fraud and protect their organization’s treasury. That’s why we are proud to partner with the Virginia Association of State Superintendents (VASS), the Virginia Association of School Business Officers (VASBO), and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to help Virginia’s public schools learn how they can protect their … Read More

Paymerang and M3 Announce New Partnership

M3, the hospitality industry’s #1 cloud-based financial and data management platform, has partnered with Paymerang, an award-winning accounts payable e-payment and payment security solution. The partnership was finalized on Dec. 4, and Paymerang’s services are expected to become available to M3 clients beginning on Jan. 1, 2020. “The collaboration with M3 is a prime example … Read More

Paymerang Acquires Inworks

Acquisition Creates the Most Comprehensive ePayables Solution in the Healthcare Industry RICHMOND, VA, Dec 6, 2019 – Paymerang, LLC, a leading innovator in procure-to-pay automation, announced the asset acquisition of Inworks Servicing, LLC, a forerunner in accounts payable automation for the healthcare industry. “The acquisition of Inworks marks a key milestone in Paymerang’s evolution. Since … Read More

5 Ways FinTechs are Better Than Banks for Payment Automation

Why choose a FinTech over a bank? After years of false starts, businesses are migrating away from paper check payments to suppliers. Businesses now make less than half of their supplier payments via checks, per the Institute of Finance and Management’s (IOFM) 2018 Future of Accounts Payable Survey. What’s more, three years from now, businesses … Read More

Best Practices in Test Data Provisioning for Automated Testing

In part one of this series, we covered the importance of automated testing in the FinTech space. In this segment, we highlight best practices in test data provisioning, an essential component of successful automated testing. To meet the demands of business growth and customer satisfaction, technology teams are adopting Agile and DevOps methods to keep … Read More